No Room at the Inn

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I’m writing this post as an exile from the Attic, which has temporarily been taken over by a team of builders. Or to be more exact the floors beneath it have been taken over, so at least I haven’t had to move all my pictures and books. If he’d lived in our house, Robert Frost […]

The Company They Keep

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C.S. (‘Jack’) Lewis and I go back a long way. All the way to the eighties, in fact, when the Chronicles of Narnia were the most read books of my childhood. After Narnia, my Dad introduced me to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, which led me on to the study of the Inklings – a memorable constellation of personalities, […]

On writing and spiders’ webs

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So, my first post for Art in the Attic and I’m not sure how to begin it. I like Van Gogh’s advice to painters staring at a blank canvas (‘just slap anything on’) but to be fair few people could slap as brilliantly as Van Gogh. When I think about writers and writing, I sometimes think […]